Pashmina Care

Pashmina is a soft delicate natural fabric and needs good care.



  • To clean, your Pashmina we suggest Professional Dry Clean Only.
  • Do not use a washing machine or a dryer to wash your pashmina.
  • Do not use any bleach.
  • Do not use hot water to wash your pashmina .Temp should be around 20 -30C - room temperature.
  • Do not take an iron directly to your Pashmina.
  • Do not leave your Pashmina out in sun to dry. Do not hang your pashmina to dry.
  • Do not store Pashmina in a damp humid place.
  • Do not let lipstick, coffee, tea or perfumes stain your pashmina.
  • Be careful with rings, and other sharp objects like pins, pens, clips, buckles.
  • Should you accidentally pull a thread with a sharp object then you could gently hold the affected area, 1-2 inches away and pull
  • diagonally in both directions, gently. This should settle the issue.
  • Do not use /keep pashmina next to Velcro.


  • Care for it as you care for your own hair.
  • Try and wash your pashmina at room temp approx. 20C-30C.
  • Mix a good quality soft baby shampoo or a low Ph shampoo in a large basin of water. Mix well.
  • Put in your pashmina and gently swish and swirl it around.
  • Do not rub vigorously .Swish and swirl very gently for about 1-2 minutes. Pashmina absorbs water and will retain it for some time. It is very vulnerable at this juncture.
  • Drain out the dirty water and run free flowing water gently, to clean the pashmina of any residual shampoo.
  • Wash in water till you feel it’s absolutely shampoo free.
  • Gently squeeze water out. Do not twist it around.
  • Do not twirl or hard string or strong squeeze it .It is very delicate.
  • Open gently on a white towel or white cotton sheet on a flat surface and gently get the shape back .Do not pull too strong to get the shape back .Remember to handle your pashmina as if it your own hair.Let it dry away from direct sunlight. Do not hang as it may lose shape especially when it’s very wet.
  • Once dry you can iron it by keeping a towel or pressing cloth on top and bottom .De crease the pashmina and fold it gently to store away. The iron must be on a wool/silk setting.
  • Pashminas with embellishments cannot be steam pressed .Wash and iron even more gently .We recommend dry-cleaning with special instructions to be extra careful.


  • Since the stoles are hand spun, hand woven and hand crafted there is a likelihood of pilling. Do not get alarmed. It means your pashmina is an authentic hand produced pashmina. Pilling will occur more when you wear it over a cotton / wool / linen fabric. It would be least on polyster blend fabric. Do not try to brush the pilling out but you can gently hand pick them.
  • Pilling will stop after repeated washes over time and your Pashmina would actually become more pliant and softer as it ages.