About Us

I married into a family that has adored and lived horses for over four generations. I was smitten by their beauty and grace. Travelling the world over gave me an insight into the world of the horse. Luxury, pageantry and the sport rode effortlessly. It was a coveted mix of aspiration, achievement, glamour and swagger.

At Polo, the Pashminas I wore were often appreciated for their feel and color. Inspired, I decided to harmonize the horse on to Pashmina. The sport of kings and the fabric of kings came together. The unisex luxury wear that always reflected a refined style now lay amalgamated with the horse and the outcome was exquisite. Absolute Pashminas’ - Ashwa - Sanskrit for horse was born. It celebrates the horse and pays tribute to his existence.

Our collection selected from the finest 100% pure cashmere wool - Pashmina - wears the horse with subtlety and elegance. Both born to nature , convey warmth and contentment. The product is a treasure of art and artisanship. While feminine motifs flow through some Pashmina's, others carry masculinity and equine accoutrements. The most exclusive brands of the world were born of the horse and still continue to flourish off it.

We have been present at the World Equestrian Games - Normandy - 2014, polo events across the world, Royal Coronations, Weddings & on several other happy occasions. New mediums and designs have now been introduced.

My family continues with their passion through Show jumping and Polo. My husband commanded the only active Horsed Cavalry Regiment in the world amidst great pomp and pageantry.

Adorn & cherish an Absolute Pashmina, chances are you would have never felt something better.