The Pashmina We Sell

The Pashmina we sell at is 100 % pure cashmere wool. There is no mix of silk, cotton or any other fibre. This is “the “ authentic, genuine, original and natural pashmina. The stole is hand spun, hand woven and hand crafted. Should some odd piece be machine made then we identify it and highlight it.

We use a 14 to 14.5 micron pashmina thread to weave our stoles. In comparison a human hair is approximately 75 microns. This super fine and ultra-light fibre helps goats like the “Capra Hircus”  keep warm in -35° Centigrade. On equal weight basis Pashmina has nearly 3 times the insulating capacity of wool. Absolute Pashminas stoles with approximate dimensions of 28X80 inches are a mere 95 to 105 grams in weight. The large stoles with approximate dimensions of 40X80 inches are around 140 to 150 grams. Embellishments; printing and painting may go on to add a miniscule amount of weight. This feather light superior quality pashmina is a guaranteed value add to your wardrobe. While our stoles make the ladies feel posh, chic and classy  the men on the other hand depict uncommon taste with a suave and dapper portrayal.

Lastly we do not mass produce our stoles. They are rare, unique and scarce both in concept and in numbers. Our Ashwa collection fashions unconventional designs, nearly all inspired by the horse and very recently by other motiffs.

Adorn and cherish an ASHWA Pashmina. "Carry" a legacy.