How do I know ,what I’m buying is 100% pure cashmere.

We at Absolute pashmina, guarantee you pure cashmere and will be happy to provide a certificate, authenticating our claim. 

However a simple “At Home” test can be conducted. 

Pull a thread out along the breadth of the pashmina. Burn the strand over a candle. If the thread burns slow and smells like a burning human hair, then be sure its pure cashmere. 

A synthetic blend will burn very fast and leave behind a chemical smell. 

In case you fear damaging your piece while pulling the thread out for the test, we will do the needful for you and dispatch it along with your cashmere.  

If I stain my cashmere, how do i quick fix it?

Our plains, woven, embellished and hand painted cashmere can be hand washed. Please refer care instructions. 

The wedding collection however has to be dry cleaned only. 

If i stain my cashmere at a time or place where I don’t have access to professional dry cleaning, what should i do?

If you stain your zari border cashmere and don’t have access to dry cleaning, wash the affected area with water immediately, making sure you don’t wet the zari.  Use a gentle stain remover and wash off as instructed on the product label. Flat dry and iron when semi dry. Send for dry cleaning at the first possible opportunity. 

If I pull a thread or accidentally injure my cashmere, how do I fix it?

Do not panic if you injure your cashmere. Hold around the impacted spot and gently pull diagonally, from all sides. Cut the extra thread with a scissors. 

Send for darning if damage is still visible. 

What is the best way to store my cashmere when not in use?

Pashmina is best kept in a breathable cotton/ muslin bag. Plastic traps mildew attracting bugs. 

Always make sure the cashmere is without food stains since food smell will invite bugs. 

It should preferably be folded and kept rather than hung. 

Why does some pashmina have loose threads visible on its surface while others don’t

A Hand Woven cashmere will always have traces of loose threads. In the machine woven process, all extra threads are burnt away hence giving it a uniform smooth look. 

Why do some pieces of cashmere feel different?

All Hand Woven pieces will feel different since there are several craftsmen involved in hand weaving. Each weaver has a different style which gives every piece a distinct feel.

What If I want to change or cancel my order?

We will be happy to change your order if the product is not damaged and in its original packing. However the shipping for returns is not covered by us. 

You can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it. We will give a full refund within 7 days 

How long do you take to dispatch an order?

Our orders are dispatched within 2-14 working days, depending upon the availability of the product. 

We also have express shipping services with additional cost. 

Where else can I buy Absolute Pashmina?

We retail at the DFS ( duty free shopping) Departure, International Airport, Mumbai.