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This peach cashmere stole is hand painted and daintily highlighted with Swarovski elements. The design portrays the inextricable bond between the horse and its accoutrements. Each discovers its purpose and character in the association with the other. Hand painting this creation is an arduous process, every stroke requires handpicking of the cashmere strands that adhere to the brush.


  • Pure Cashmere
  • Fabric paint
  • Swarovski elements


  • 28 by 80 inches
  • 106 grams 

* There might be a slight size difference since the piece is handcrafted.

Care Instructions

Cashmere, a very fine fabric,literally means “soft gold “ in Kashmiri. 

Made from natural hair, it needs the love and pampering we give our hair…and more. 

All plains,woven, printed,hand painted and swarovski embellished can be hand washed and dry cleaned.

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Shipping and Returns

We take our Pashmina very seriously and put it through stringent quality checks.

If you make an error while purchasing online, you can drop us a mail within 24 hours. we will be happy to adjust your order before it leaves us. This would help avoid unnecessary shipping costs for our customers.

All exchange and returns should be within 15 working days from the day of receiving the shipment.

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